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QP Sound Studios: Sample Tracks

Wish I Knew

(Performed by Bailey Griffith)
Written by Mary White & Shelley Waltz

I Wish I Knew How to Stop Loving You By Mary White & Shelley Waltz QP Dupie Music BMI © 2011 From the moment I met you, you were always on my mind From the minute I’d wake up through the long, daily grind And I wish that you loved me as much as I loved you They say nothing lasts forever now I know that it’s true (Chorus) And I wish I knew how to stop loving you How do I break it to my heart you don’t matter anymore And I wish I’d move on but in my mind it’s hard to find someone to fill your shoes I wish I knew…. How to stop loving you If time heals all wounds but I’ll be feeling no pain But the hours go by as I try to refrain Praying my hands won’t pick up that phone But I can’t control my heart when I feel so alone (Bridge) Someday I’ll see the sunshine through the bitter wind and rain But until then til I find love again will my feelings ever change