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QP Sound Studios: Sample Tracks

Take Me Back To Oklahoma

(Performed by Bailey Griffith)
Written by Mary White

Take Me Back to Oklahoma By Mary White QP Dupie Music BMI © 2011 Take me back to Oklahoma Take me back to yesterday Barefoot in a field of clover I’m longing to play Take me back where I have no worries No bills or mortgage due Back to ring around the rosie And little Boy Blue (CHORUS) Take me back where life is good And playing house was just a game Back when mom knew everything And if you’re good Santa came Take me back to Oklahoma Back before we all grew older Take me back where it’s all gonna be ok (Verse 2) Take me back where love is simple Hugs and kisses for everyone Crayons and friends came in all different colors All we did was have fun Take me back to Never Neverland Back to the dreams where I could fly Me and Daddy hand in hand It was ok to cry (BRIDGE) Sometimes we get caught up In our lives from day to day Remember where you came from It made you who you are today