Even When

Performed by Mary White
Written by Coker/Cline


Even When


Written by Coker/Cline ASCAP © 2012


 It seems your dreams have all been shattered

And you believe you’re standing all alone.

When you’ve given up and all your hope is gone

Don’t let go, I’ll help you carry on.

Even when


You think that no one hears your calling

And you think, that no one knows your pain

When the loneliness seems to have no end.

I’m with you, and I’ve always been



Even When

I will be there right beside you all the time

The weight you feel upon your shoulders is mine to share

Don’t lose faith I am always there

Even When



You think your prayers have gone unanswered

And you feel that life is so unkind

Just remember in the darkest of the night

I’m with you, I’ve been there all the time



In time you’ll know there so much more than you can ever see

Don’t loose faith, You’re always here with me