Faith & Love

Written & Performed by Mary White


Faith & Love

By Mary White

QP Dupie Music BMI © 2012


I know life’s not always easy.  I know sometimes it’s rough.

But when the clouds fade over your sun.

That’s when ya gotta be tough.


I try to see the light in us all but sometimes, sometimes I fall.

But then I see the smile on a face

And it brings me to a heavenly place.



You gotta have faith and love

You gotta give a lot you gotta take a little

When you’re butting heads you gotta meet in the middle

Gotta learn to pray when everythings ok

Not just when the times get tough.

You gotta have faith and you gotta have love.



I don’t have everything that I want but I do have everything that I need.

And I’m grateful for where I am now

Cause I know it’s where I’m suppose to be.




Don’t doubt the direction of your day.

Trust everything will be ok.

Open your heart and find your way.