The Guiding Hand of God

Performed by Mary White
Written by Virginia Franco/Mary White


The Guiding Hand of God

Words by Virginia Franco Music by Mary White

QP Dupie Music BMI © 2012


Is everyone upon sphere

supposed to suffer while they’re here?

From deepest gloom to heights of bliss,

That none of life’s deep mysteries miss?


I gaze upon the years gone by

and I wonder is it really I

who have been tossed by fate’s mad whim

into the depths of ocean’s grim.



I have found life real, though somewhat strange.

Even though my fortunes change.

Through every road my feet have trod

On sunlit trail or darkest path

I’ve know the Guiding Hand of God



I’ve know of grief and burning tears

As loved ones passed throughout the years.

I’ve know the glory of success

And felt a baby’s soft caress.