Film & Television
Little-Universal Pictures/Legendary Pictures
Nancy Drew & The Hidden Staircase
Warner Bros/A Very Good Production                 

Transparent-Musical Finale  Amazon Studios                    

Desperado-Lions Gate             

The Young & The Restless  

HBO-Togetherness-"Devil Went Down to Georgia", 
"Drink in my Hand", "Looking for Love"
E Network-theme song demo for "Holly's World"
HBO -The Gristle-“Take Me Back to Oklahoma”
Showtime-Flirting with Death
Fox Search Lab Short-King of the Moon
Conquered New Horizon
Flying Ryan
TLA Releasing/– Kiss The Bride – “Broken Heart”
Here! Pictures/– Ladder Days - “Man on a Mission”
Canadian Television-Arthur Ave.-(TV Series-Drama)
British Television-Welcome to Our World-Children’s Show
Independent Films
Richie’s Itch
Return to Sender
Living with It
Elvis Has Left The Building 
(With Tom Hanks, Kim Bassinger & John Corbett)

Disney Princess Cool Bake Oven
Funrise Gazillion Bubble Bar-B-Que
Donavee Chrysler Jeep
Greater Birmingham Dodge Chrysler Jeep
Anaheim Lincoln Mercury
Toyota-Fil/Block Programmers
Bug Off Screen
Park Auto Mall
Settler’s Inn
Spa Finder
Big Ed’s Bar-b-Que
Ballad of Big Ed

9th Phase-Spotless
Anita White-Songs From the Heart & You Are Mine
Bailey Jean-Painting My Piano
Barbara Weatherwax-My Buddy
Ben Lewis-Facing the Impossible
Betsy Haas-Putting the Self Back in Self Esteem
Billy Perkins-Glory Bound
Bob Wyld-Keep Your Hands to Yourself
Bob Zany-I've Arrived Baby
Brooke Branning-It's Not Too Late & My Heart is Open
Loving American
Sweet Love
Carla Bartlett-A Paris Christmas
Paris Suite
Piano Play
Piano Scenes
Piano Postcard
Inspiration in C
Friendly Letters
Ripples in a Pond
Carlin Chesney-Black Dirt Road
Celeste Talley-Walk the Faith
Coconut-We Could
Coker/Cline-How Do I Begin
Colm Gallagher-Reel in the Flickering Light
Crown Star-Cheers from the Holiday Lounge
Cyndi Tracy-Memories, Friends & 8x10s
Deanna DiFabio-Escape Through The Ethereal
Debbie Lawrence-Laura's Theme
Dee Dee Culotta-Dreamin'
Deep 72-The Curse
Des Regan-I Wish That Time Stood Still
Emmer Lee Beard-Silencing Your Thoughts
Evan Paul-Truly Gone
Finalge-Parcel of Rogues
Fyre & Ocean-Holding O
Gaia Mama-Meditation CD
Gayle La Rone-The Best is Yet To Come
Gerald Gracian-My Best Broadway & Because I Can
Jerry Neerin-Wedding Day Dance
Jim Barile-Without a Word
Jussie Smollett-My Heart
Karen Sepulveda-Almost Covered & Sure
Kathy Maratch-Secret Love
Katie Christopher-Stronger
Kristi Argyle-Viking Queen
Vital Purchases
Kyle Ramone-The Time is Now
Magnolia Drawl-Try a Little Harder
Martin Graw-Let It Go
Mary White-Change of Pace
Faith & Love & Have a Mary White Christmas
Maureen Serra-Cultivating Hope
Michele White-The Giver
Merry Christmas
Michael Oar-Malibu Sky Blue Eyes
Nancy Priddy-Mama's Jam
Pete Connelly-Country Girl
Rhonda Wood-Dreams From the Heart
Sarah & The Sparrows-The EP
Sarah Winchester Band-Town's Too Small
Sharynlee-Where's The Family Today
Shelley Furse-No One But You
Shirley Howard-Harp 
From The Heart
Shitting Glitter-Hero
Stewart Rose-Singing & Swinging The Standards
Tim Bond-When I Count My Blessings
Tom Smith-Such a Cowboy
Toni Dodd & Southbound Blues-Too Much Car For The Road
Traci Larsen-Women at Work
Victoria Sciarra-Your Heart Knows
Vince Ferry-In The Arms of an Irish Sister
Wardell Howard-Mostly Broadway
Wrath of McGrath-Double CD